House Foundation Repair Companies

Any homeowner knows that their house is a revolving investment. Whether you need to install new windows or contract a house foundation repair, the projects seem never-ending! To ensure your work will last, you need a reputable business to trust. 

Choosing from the list of house foundation repair companies may seem daunting. The work they complete is for your family’s safety and the structural integrity of your home. You’ll want the best, and that’s us: FCS Foundation Repair Dallas. We are industry-leading house foundation repair contractors ready to take on your job.

Signs You Need a Foundation Repair Company

Structural issues with your foundation are easy to identify when you know where to look. Some signs may appear inside your house, while others are on the exterior. These signs include:

  • Cracks around fireplace bricks, on the exposed concrete at the base of the house, and around doors and windows
  • Sloping floors
  • Jammed windows and doors
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Nail heads protruding from the wall
  • Garage door, walls, or windows separating
  • Water ponding against the footing of the home

Once you identify any of these problems, you know it’s time to find a professional Dallas foundation repair company.

Experienced House Foundation Repair Companies

Every company has to start somewhere. But you must ask yourself if you want an inexperienced foundation contractor working on your home. An established company will have more experience and will likely stick around after the work is completed.

FCS Foundation Repair Dallas has home foundation repair contractors with over two decades of residential and commercial experience. We have a strong reputation in the Dallas area for being friendly, prompt, and professional. We will communicate with you throughout the job and make the necessary recommendations.

After the job is completed, call us if you have a question or a problem. We’ll send someone to your home to address the issue.

Reputable Dallas House Foundation Repair Companies Have Positive Reviews

In today’s digital world, there are endless places you can read business reviews. Aside from the company’s website, Google, HomeAdvisor, and the Better Business Bureau are a few top places to read about a customer’s experience with a contractor and learn more about recurring problems or compliments.

We have over 7,000 happy clients, and those who have left us reviews have been very kind to us. Check out these excerpts from feedback left on

“The crew did an excellent job! They were quick and courteous while the work was performed and afterward, you could hardly tell anything had happened. Everything was put back in its place.”


“Rodrigo and team were on time, competitive pricing, professional, and respectful. They ensured the job was done to our satisfaction and implemented out of scope improvements we asked for as well. Would highly recommend.


Trustworthy Dallas House Foundation Repair Companies Provide Quotes and Estimates

Understanding the full scope of a foundation repair project may be challenging. However, you must ask questions to learn how the job will be completed, the expected time frame, and the overall cost. You don’t want any surprises in the middle or at the end of the project.

FCS Foundation Repair Dallas will schedule a free consultation with you at your home. We’ll assess your foundation damage and give you a quote in writing within 24 hours, if not directly on the spot. This will help you keep your records straight and see that we offer competitive pricing for foundation repairs in Dallas.

The average foundation repair job in Dallas will take between two and three days once we get started. Expect to spend $5,000 to $6,000 for the entire job.

Quality Home Foundation Repair Companies Offer a Warranty

It’s a red flag when a house foundation repair company doesn’t provide its customers with a warranty. This could be a sign that the company won’t do the best job and doesn’t care about your home.

A contractor offers a warranty to back up their work and reputation with their money. At FCS Foundation Repair Dallas, we offer a Lifetime Transferable Warranty Program. You won’t have to worry whether the work we complete will keep your house stable and your family safe. Our warranty reinforces that we will do the job right the first time.

Respectable House Foundation Repair Companies Are Insured

It’s not wise to hire contractors who don’t carry their own insurance. It’s a minimum for coverage and protects both parties if an employee gets hurt while completing the project. 

FCS Foundation Repair Dallas contractors are insured and registered in Dallas and the surrounding areas.