Foundation Crack Repair

Thinking about foundation crack repair may be overwhelming for some homeowners. However, settlement cracks often naturally occur, causing many properties to experience them. Though common and natural, these cracks shouldn’t be ignored. 

If you have noticed settlement cracks on your property, your home could be at risk of significant damage. When you experience these or similar issues with your foundation, it’s essential to call a contractor experienced in cracked foundation repair to diagnose and resolve the problem. 

You can trust the experts at FCS Foundation and Concrete Services to bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to the job. Our home foundation repair professionals will visit your home and inspect your property to determine the best solution for repairing your foundation. 

When to Call Our Team to Repair Foundation Cracks 

FCS Foundation and Concrete Services is the local foundation crack repair specialist to call when you have a problem with your foundation. We have a customer-first approach to restoring the stability of your home.

It’s time to call a foundation crack repair specialist if you recognize any of these common signs:

  • Your basement is damp or flooded.
  • Thick cracks have developed at a 45-degree angle.
  • Doors and windows stick or won’t open correctly.
  • Pests, such as termites, have infiltrated your home.

Contact our team for a free consultation and estimate to repair your home.

For over 25 years, FCS Foundation and Concrete Services has been Dallas’s expert home foundation repair company. Our house foundation repair solutions are customized to meet the needs of your home. As a locally owned company, we’re familiar with Texas soil. We will work to make your repair as smooth as possible.  

Evaluation Process

Provided there is adequate crawl space, the evaluator will look at the structure for:

  • Wood Decay due to Water Rot or Termites.
  • Warped Beams.
  • Shifted Beams, Which are No Longer Supported by Piers.
  • Inadequate Prior Leveling with Soft, Wooden Shims.
  • Uneven or Bouncy Floors.
  • Presence of Water in the crawl space.


Types of Foundation Cracks​

Many homeowners may think that all foundation cracks are the same and share one cause. But there is more than one type of foundation crack. 

Vertical Cracks

Large vertical cracks often occur due to soil settlement. When the soil settles, it puts extra pressure on the foundation wall. This leads to vertical cracking, allowing a significant amount of water to enter your home.

Horizontal Cracks

Having horizontal cracks appear in your foundation indicates heavily saturated soil pressure. This occurs because water-saturated soil exerts pressure against the wall from outside. These walls may begin to buckle and bow, eventually caving in. Horizontal cracks must be immediately repaired.

Stair Step Cracks

In response to soil pressure, a concrete block foundation wall may crack between the mortar joints of individual blocks. These cracks may run throughout the wall and resemble a stair-step pattern. This type of crack indicates a foundation problem that needs to be addressed.

The Importance of Foundation Leak Repair

Having good support for your home begins with the ground below. Cracks in the foundation lead to additional dangers if not corrected quickly. When left unaddressed, a minor break can escalate into something that needs substantial repair later.

If you’ve noticed a foundation crack or any other structural damage symptoms, it’s vital to get in touch with a local foundation repair specialist, like FCS Foundation and Concrete Specialists.


The Cost of Foundation Crack Repair

The best way to get an accurate estimate for your crack repair service is to schedule an inspection. This allows the contractor to determine how many cracks there are and their severity. They’ll discuss your options for repair and recommend the necessary materials to complete the job.

Your estimate will include any labor for the repair job’s estimated length.

Friendly Foundation Crack Repair Specialists 

If your foundation has cracks, don’t delay the repairs. Contact FCS Foundation and Concrete Specialists today to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate.