Home Foundation Repair Dallas

Your home’s foundation supports everything inside of it, including you. If it begins cracking, settling, or bowing, you need a comprehensive inspection and foundation repair in Dallas. This repair will restore your home’s appearance, value, and most importantly, its safety.

For over 25 years, FCS Foundation and Concrete Services has been Dallas’s expert home foundation repair company. Our house foundation repair solutions are customized to meet the needs of your home. As a locally owned company, we’re familiar with Texas soil. We will work to make your repair as smooth as possible.

Evaluation Process

Provided there is adequate crawl space, the evaluator will look at the structure for:

  • Wood Decay due to Water Rot or Termites.
  • Warped Beams.
  • Shifted Beams, Which are No Longer Supported by Piers.
  • Inadequate Prior Leveling with Soft, Wooden Shims.
  • Uneven or Bouncy Floors.
  • Presence of Water in the crawl space.


Putting Undue Stress on Your Home

A stable foundation shouldn’t exhibit any cracks or lines in the brickwork. If you notice cracks in your foundation, you may need FCS Foundation and Concrete to complete an evaluation.

These cracks may suggest that your home’s foundation is shifting, putting stress on the joints. Common places you may see these cracks are near the fireplace and brick stairs.

Determining the root of the problem is essential. At FCS Foundation and Concrete, we provide a free estimate to homeowners concerned with the stability of their foundation.

Our contractors have completed over 5,000 slab foundation repair services, creating thousands of satisfied customers.

Signs of Foundation Damage

There are many layers of soil underneath your foundation. These layers can shrink, loosen, or wash out, causing your home’s foundation to crack and settle. Some symptoms, like large cracks, are easy to spot. However, some signs aren’t as obvious.

There are several symptoms to watch out for when determining whether you need a foundation repair, including:

  • Foundation leaks 
  • Cracks 
  • Bowing basement walls 

If you’re worried that you may need a slab foundation repair, contact one of our experienced contractors for a consultation.


Foundation Stabilization Services

Choosing one of our home foundation repair specialists gives you a trusted contractor who is knowledgeable in products that are designed to provide a lasting solution. We offer a wide range of options, and our contractors will recommend the best services and products for your home.

Our house foundation repair services include:

  • Slab foundation repair
  • Single press concrete pier
  • Double wall single steel pier
  • Single drill concrete pier 
  • Bell bottom drill pier
  • Pier and beam foundations

Our contractors will work with you to customize a solution for your home’s foundation.

Why Choose FCS Foundation and Concrete Services for Your Foundation Repair?

Our expert foundation contractors have completed over 7,000 projects throughout the past 25 years, making us one of the top foundation repair companies in the area. We carefully inspect your foundation and property to tailor a solution that suits your needs, goals, and budget.

Any problematic foundation issues will be identified and addressed promptly to prevent more costly repairs in the future.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

If you suspect your foundation may be damaged, you can trust the professionals at FCS Foundation and Concrete Services to determine the cause and recommend the best solution. We deliver top-quality, efficient service and can schedule your home foundation repair promptly to remedy your problem. Contact FCS Foundation and Concrete Services for a free consultation today!