Decorative Concrete Services

At FCS Foundation and Concrete Services, we’re your go-to experts in foundation repair and decorative concrete services. We’ve served the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 25 years as proud Texans! Our team is passionate about delivering high-quality craftsmanship, from stamped concrete to retaining walls and overlays.

We’re committed to enhancing your property’s value and bringing out its unique charm with our durable yet stylish solutions. Discover how we can turn your outdoor living spaces into extraordinary retreats that invite relaxation and enjoyment – starting today!


Decorative Concrete Services

Our Decorative Concrete Services

We offer a range of decorative concrete services, including stamped concrete, concrete overlays, and retaining walls.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete can greatly enhance your spaces. It’s a special kind of decorative concrete that adds interest to dull areas. Using this, we craft patterns and textures on your flooring.

You have the choice to select designs like brick, stone or wood looks. This works well on patios, driveways and pathways too! Not only is this service affordable, it also gives an upscale appearance.

Plus, it can last for a very long time! We even add a protective seal on top so you won’t need to stress about damage from sun or rain.

Concrete Overlays

We make old, dull surfaces beautiful with concrete overlays. This method makes worn out concrete floors new and classy again. We put a small layer of cement over the old floor. Then, we can add designs or shades if you choose.

This type of task needs skill and care. Our crew has both! So, we do the job right from the start. The result is a strong, attractive surface that can withstand heavy use and still maintain its appearance for many years.

Retaining Walls

We create solid retaining walls for all outside areas. These walls keep dirt steady and assist with water runoff. They can also make your yard or garden look good. You have a wide choice of styles, hues, and prints.

We use only the best materials to ensure the wall is tough and will last long. Count on us to make lovely, strong retaining walls that suit you.

Benefits of Decorative Concrete

Enhance the aesthetic appeal, increase property value, and enjoy decorative concrete’s durability and low maintenance. Read more about these benefits below.

Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

At our company, we specialize in making concrete look nice. We have a lot of different options to choose from, like textures, patterns, and designs for your floors or outdoor spaces.

We can also make old surfaces look new again with a fresh layer of concrete that you can customize. If you need walls that look good but also provide support, we can do that too. And if you want an outdoor kitchen or pergola, we can build strong foundations to make them last.

Contact us today to make your space more beautiful with our decorative concrete services!

Increased Property Value

At FCS Foundation and Concrete Services, we know how important it is to take care of your property. That’s why our decorative concrete services are a smart investment for homes and businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Several options are available to improve your property’s appearance and value. These options include stamped concrete, concrete overlays, and retaining walls. These choices are strong and last a long time with little upkeep needed.

They’re practical and impressive to potential buyers or clients. Let us help raise the value of your property with our top-rated decorative concrete services.

Durability and Longevity

Customers know our decorative concrete services for their durability and longevity. Choose our durable stamped concrete, overlays, walls, and outdoor features for long-lasting quality. Trust in their ability to withstand time.

Our skilled team utilizes high-quality materials and proven techniques to guarantee the longevity of your decorative concrete. With proper maintenance, our installations will maintain their beauty and functionality for years to come.

So you can enjoy your new space without worrying about constant repairs or replacements. Trust FCS Foundation and Concrete Services for strong, lasting decorative concrete solutions that increase your property’s worth.

Low Maintenance

Our decorative concrete services make your outdoor spaces look beautiful and increase the value of your property. They are also easy to take care of. We offer stamped concrete, concrete overlays, and retaining walls that require minimal maintenance.

Our team uses strong materials that last a long time without needing frequent repairs or touch-ups. This means you can spend less time on upkeep and more time enjoying your outdoor areas.

Choose our decorative concrete services for a stunning look that’s simple to maintain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does FCS Foundation and Concrete Services provide?

FCS Foundation and Concrete Services offers a variety of services, including foundation repair, concrete slab repair, deck resurfacing, epoxy flooring, stain and knockdown texture, French drains and other drainage solutions.

How can I contact FCS Foundation and Concrete Services?

You can contact FCS Foundation and Concrete Services by calling us today or filling out our appointment request form on our website.

Can FCS Foundation and Concrete Services handle both residential and commercial projects?

FCS Foundation and Concrete Services has experience working on both residential and commercial projects.

What types of foundation problems can FCS Foundation and Concrete Services repair?

FCS Foundation and Concrete Services can repair a variety of foundation problems, including slab and pier and beam foundations.

How long does it take for FCS Foundation and Concrete Services to complete a project?

The duration of a project depends on the specific details and scope of the work. Please contact us for a more accurate estimate.

Can FCS Foundation and Concrete Services provide references or customer reviews?

Yes, FCS Foundation and Concrete Services can provide references and customer reviews upon request.

Does FCS Foundation and Concrete Services offer free estimates?

Yes, FCS Foundation and Concrete Services offers free estimates for all projects.