Concrete Foundation Repair in Allen, Texas

We fix foundation problems for homeowners in Allen, Texas. We know it’s worrisome when you see cracks or uneven floors. Foundations provide structural support for homes, so any damage or deterioration can seem alarming. However, many foundation issues are repairable if addressed promptly by experts.

Our team has extensive experience diagnosing and repairing residential foundation problems in Allen using the latest techniques. From pier and beam foundations to concrete slabs, we have the knowledge and equipment to stabilize and level your home’s foundation.

By catching issues early and performing necessary repairs, we can help Allen homeowners avoid further structural damage and maintain the value and safety of their property for generations to come. Place your trust in our team for an accurate diagnosis and worry-free solution to your foundation problems.

Foundation repair in Allen Texas

Signs You Need Foundation Repair in Allen Texas

As foundation repair experts in Allen Texas, we frequently encounter homeowners concerned about signs of foundation damage to their property. There are several indicators that foundation repair may be needed:

  1. Cracks in walls or floors. Cracks that are wider than 1/4 inch, run diagonally, or form a stair-step pattern can indicate foundation movement.
  2. Sticking or jammed doors and windows. Doors and windows that suddenly won’t open or close properly can signify a foundation problem.
  3. Uneven or slanted floors. Floors that slope or tilt can mean foundation failure is occurring.
  4. Leaning chimneys. Chimneys that tilt away from a house may require foundation repair to prevent potential collapse.

In many cases, foundation damage is caused by environmental factors like drought, soil erosion, or tree roots. Improper drainage or plumbing leaks can also contribute by saturating the soil around foundations. The signs tend to worsen over time if left unaddressed.

We recommend homeowners schedule an evaluation from a certified foundation expert if any of these symptoms appear. Foundation repair in Allen Texas is best handled by professionals with experience stabilizing and leveling foundations in North Texas soil conditions. Methods like pier and beam repair, foundation underpinning, and foundation wall stabilization can permanently fix damage and prevent future foundation movement when performed by a reputable contractor.

Acting quickly to repair foundation issues will help homeowners avoid further structural damage to their property. It may also prevent the need for more extensive repairs down the road, saving time, money and stress in the long run. Foundation and Concrete Services has been repairing and replacing foundations in Allen Texas for over 30 years. We have the expertise and equipment to diagnose foundation problems accurately and implement effective solutions.


What Causes Foundation Damage in Allen, Texas?

As foundation repair experts serving Allen, Texas, we have seen the damage that can accumulate over the years. There are several factors that contribute to foundation damage in the area:

Soil Conditions

The clay-heavy soil in Allen expands and contracts significantly with changes in moisture, putting stress on foundations. During dry, hot weather, the soil shrinks and pulls away from the foundation. When heavy rains come, the soil swells and pushes against the foundation. Over time, this movement causes cracks in foundations and floors.

Age of the Home

Concrete naturally deteriorates over time, losing strength and developing cracks. Steel reinforcement bars also corrode, expanding and damaging the foundation.

Drought Conditions

Periods of prolonged drought place extra stress on foundations as the soil dries out and shrinks. Foundations are more prone to settlement and tilting during droughts. When the rains finally come, the sudden change in soil moisture can lead to cracks as the foundation moves.

Drainage Issues

Poor drainage, leaking pipes, and standing water around the foundation all contribute to damage over time. Excess moisture saturates the soil, causing it to expand and put pressure on the foundation. Gutters and downspouts should direct water away from the foundation to prevent these issues.

Tree Roots

Large trees planted too close to a home can cause foundation damage as their roots grow and spread under and around the foundation, exerting upward pressure. Trees also absorb large amounts of water from the soil, causing it to shrink. For foundation health, trees should be planted at least 10 feet away from the foundation.

In summary, the age of homes, clay soils, droughts, moisture issues, and tree roots all contribute to foundation damage in Allen Texas. With regular foundation inspections and maintenance, homeowners can catch problems early and minimize costly repairs.

Why Choose FCS for Your Allen Texas Foundation Repair

Expertise and Experience

As a leading foundation repair company in Allen, Texas, FCS Foundation and Concrete Services has over 25 years of experience stabilizing and repairing residential foundations. Our team of structural engineers and foundation repair experts specialize in slab foundation settlement and repair. We have the knowledge and skills to properly diagnose foundation issues and determine the best solutions to fix structural problems permanently.

Highly-Trained Technicians

Our foundation repair technicians complete extensive training to become certified in foundation stabilization methods, products, and installation techniques. They stay up-to-date with continuing education to provide the best foundation repairs using the latest technologies and products. Our technicians take pride in providing high quality, long-lasting foundation repairs for homeowners in Allen and surrounding communities.

Quality Products

We use only the highest quality foundation repair materials and products that are engineered to stabilize and lift settled foundations permanently. Materials like steel piers, foam injection, and carbon fiber straps are designed specifically for repairing slab foundations and providing maximum strength and support. We offer transferable lifetime warranties on foundation repairs to give homeowners peace of mind.

Affordable Solutions

At FCS, we aim to provide affordable foundation repair solutions for homeowners in Allen. We offer free foundation inspections and estimates, and work with homeowners to determine repair options that fit within their budget. Our foundation experts will recommend only the repairs that are truly necessary to stabilize and support your home’s foundation. We accept all major credit cards, offer financing options, and have financing available for qualified customers.

In summary, FCS Foundation and Concrete Services is the contractor of choice for foundation repair in Allen, Texas because of our experience, expertise, quality work, and affordable solutions. Homeowners can trust that we will provide the best approach to permanently stabilizing their home’s foundation.

FAQ: Foundation Repair in Allen Texas

As foundation repair experts in Allen, Texas, we frequently receive questions from homeowners about foundation issues and the repair process. Here are some of the most common questions we hear:

How do I know if I need foundation repair?

There are several signs that may indicate foundation damage and the need for repair:

  • Visible cracks in walls, floors, baseboards, or foundations
  • Doors or windows that stick or won’t close properly
  • Uneven or sloping floors
  • Foundation cracks wider than 1/4 inch

If you notice any of these issues in your home, it’s best to have a structural engineer or foundation expert evaluate your foundation.

What causes foundation problems?

There are a few common factors that can contribute to foundation damage:

  • Soil movement: Expansive clay soils that swell and shrink can put pressure on foundations.
  • Water damage: Excessive groundwater or plumbing leaks can saturate the soil and cause foundations to settle or shift.
  • Age: Over time, the materials and structures that support a foundation can naturally weaken and deteriorate, leading to damage.
  • Construction issues: Improper soil compaction or poor foundation construction during the initial build can also cause problems.

How are foundation issues repaired?

We use a variety of methods to repair foundations, including:

  1. Pier and beam repair: Installing steel piers driven deep into stable soil and connecting them to foundation beams to stabilize and level the structure.
  2. Wall anchors: We install wall anchors to stabilize the walls and re-secure them to the floor for bowing or tilting basement walls.
  3. Crack injection: We inject high-pressure foam into cracks and voids to bond and seal the foundation.
  4. Drainage improvements: Installing drain tiles, sump pumps, and downspouts to prevent water damage and relieve hydrostatic pressure on foundations.

Foundation damage can compromise the stability and safety of a structure. If you suspect your home’s foundation may be impaired in any way, call us right away for an expert evaluation and repair recommendations. Our team has years of experience stabilizing foundations in Allen, Texas.


As homeowners in Allen, foundation damage is an issue we should all keep an eye out for. By monitoring for warning signs, we can catch problems early and minimize costly repairs. And when foundation problems do arise, we now know there are experienced contractors in our area who can stabilize and lift foundations to restore our homes.

Protecting our homes’ foundations means protecting our most valuable investment. With regular inspections, quick action when needed, and the help of reputable foundation repair specialists serving Allen, we can rest assured on solid ground.

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