The Lifetime Warranty work only applies to the pressed pilings (concrete, combination, and steel). It is the intention of the contractor to permanently stabilize the settlement of that portion of the foundation covered by this contract within one (1) part of two hundred and forty (240) parts for the life of the structure that it supports (1″ settlement in 20′ horizontal span or 1/4″ in 5’ horizontal span). This warranty only applies to the work performed by contractor described as Lifetime Warranty work under the terms, provisions, and conditions of this contract, otherwise specifically noted in the “Warranty” section of the contract. All warranties granted herein are expressly conditioned upon the receipt of full payment of the contract price, plus any adjustments thereto. Excluded from this warranty is covered under the Exclusions section of this warranty. Plumbing leaks are a primary cause of foundation issues and therefore, it is a condition precedent to Foundation and Concrete Services obligation to perform any warranty work or inspection for Customer to have obtained a passing plumbing test within the last ninety days by a licensed plumber which shows that there are no leaks affecting the foundation. The two tests are domestic water pressure test and a sewer hydrostatic test. If the plumbing test fails, the next step is to order a leak locate. Once you have these results, please send them to Foundation and Concrete Services shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages to the property resulting from the adjustments performed to repair any defect covered by this warranty, and in no event shall Foundation and Concrete Services incur any liability to the customer that exceeds the amount of the original contract price. This warranty is voidable if any repairs or modifications to its work are performed or attempted by someone other than Foundation and Concrete Services. The scope of work covered by this warranty does not guarantee no work will be needed in the future. THIS WARRANTY SHALL BE NULL AND VOID IF: -Proof of passing plumbing test by a licensed plumber is not received within 30 days of completion of foundation repair. Location and/or installation of cleanouts is not included and may be required to perform plumbing test. – Full payment is not received within 30 days of completion of work as specified, unless otherwise agreed to in writing on the contract. –Additional story is added to the structure, or changes of a similar scope are made without prior written approval of contractor, when such changes would affect loads on the foundation. –The structure is sited on a fault or is affected by an earthquake. –Underground facilities or swimming pools are installed within a horizontal distance from the foundation equal to or less than the depth. — The foundation is undermined (i.e., soil slumping, eroding, plumbing leaks, creek beds, excavations, etc.) –The natural eroding of the existing structure. –Any accidental or intentional damage, fire, flood, windstorm, tornado, or other acts of God and nature. –Structure is not reasonably maintained (i.e., proper, or controlled watering, gutters, drainage). –The foundation is repaired in any way by another construction company. (i.e., addition of new piers, adjusting existing piers, etc.).

In the event a change of ownership occurs, assignment of this warranty to a new owner or owners must be accomplished no later than thirty (30) days after transfer of title. Assignment will be made in accordance with the warranty and with the procedures in effect at the time of transfer, and further upon receipt of payment of the transfer fee current at the time of transfer. So long as the provisions of this paragraph are met, there is no limit to the number of transfers that can be made. UNLESS ASSIGNMENTS ARE PROPERLY MADE WITHIN THIRTY (30) DAYS AFTER TRANSFER OF TITLE, THIS WARRANTY IS NULL AND VOID. To transfer the warranty, a written request stating the name of the new owner and the property address must be mailed by certified mail along with a check for $100.00 to the address stated below within thirty (30) days of the transfer of the property.

Mailing Address:
Foundation and Concrete Services
3332 Sherwood Ave
Lancaster, Texas 75134