Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

A Dallas home built on a slab foundation may experience problems with sagging or sinking concrete slabs. This may cause an entire room in your home to begin pulling away from the house, leading to extensive damage.

When left unaddressed, the slab will continue to sink, moving the structure of the building. It could become damaged and potentially collapse.

Fortunately, you have options. One of those choices is a professional onsite estimate from a trained slab foundation repair consultant at FCS Foundation Repair Dallas. We will help determine the root of your problem and find a suitable solution for your foundation repairs.

Evaluation Process

Provided there is adequate crawl space, the evaluator will look at the structure for:

  • Wood Decay due to Water Rot or Termites.
  • Warped Beams.
  • Shifted Beams, Which are No Longer Supported by Piers.
  • Inadequate Prior Leveling with Soft, Wooden Shims.
  • Uneven or Bouncy Floors.
  • Presence of Water in the crawl space.


What Leads to Needing a Slab Foundation Repair?

Before your concrete slab foundation was poured, your plumbing pipes were laid down. Any leak in your plumbing may cause excess water to sit under your foundation, washing away the supporting soil. Without that support, your foundation struggles to handle the weight of your home.

A slab foundation is designed to support your home with the help of soil. When dirt begins shifting and moving, it can damage your concrete slab, and you may notice the following:

  • Excess water pressure in the soil 
  • Water damage from leaks
  • Soil expansion and contraction
  • Storms and flooding
  • A sinking home 
  • Cracks in your foundation 
  • Tree root growth

You need a trusted team to complete the cracked foundation repair and restore your home’s support system.

Does Every Crack Require Foundation Repairs?

Over time, a concrete slab will slowly develop cracks. Concrete shrinks as it hardens and dries, making cracks and other surface imperfections inevitable.

Small cracks may not indicate the need for repair. Still, calling a Dallas cracked foundation repair company is always a good idea, especially if those cracks are bigger than 1/8 of an inch.


Residential Dallas Slab Foundation Repair

We provide a wide range of residential foundation repairs at FCS Foundation Repair Dallas. Whether you notice a crack in the wall or a sinking floor, we have the resources and experience to get your foundation the structural support it needs.

Our skilled contractors will thoroughly inspect your property to learn what caused your foundation issues.

We’ll provide you with a no-obligation, free estimate for our recommended cracked foundation repair. Once you agree, we’ll schedule a time to complete the service. It takes about three days to finish most slab foundation repair projects.

Commercial Slab Foundation Repair in Dallas

Commercial foundation issues put your building at risk and place your patrons and employees in grave danger. Not to mention the financial losses you may accrue if your warehouse or store goes down!

At FCS Foundation Repair Dallas, we comprehensively evaluate your property to locate the source of your foundation’s problems. We’ll discuss our intended repair approach and give you a written estimate. After you give us the go-ahead, we’ll carefully restabilize your building so your business can safely continue.

Slab Foundation Repair Methods

It would take years to learn every detail of each slab foundation repair method, but here is an overview of some common methods used to repair a faulty slab foundation.

Steel Piers

  • Steel piers are a great choice for permanent foundation repairs. These durable pieces of metal can be drilled 100 feet into the ground, making them a long-lasting and stable solution. Ideally, steel piers are driven into bedrock to prevent shifting that could occur in soil closer to the surface.
    • These are some of the most stable beams, making them a good solution for homes with extensive damage.

Concrete Piers

  • Concrete piers are one of the most popular approaches to cracked foundation repair. These rods can be used in most situations but are the only solution when there is no bedrock or other dense soil to support alternative methods.
    • Concrete piers are more cost-effective than other repair methods, but they are not as solid or durable. This solution might not last as long as other slab foundation repair techniques.

Foundation Jacking

  • This method injects polyurethane foam under the foundation to lift it back into place. Polyurethane foam is durable and stable and can withstand moisture, mold, and insect infestations.
    • This material can be injected directly into the soil under a sinking foundation. The foam expands and hardens as it dries, jacking up the foundation and filling any cracks or other damage.

Slab Foundation Repair Methods

If you’ve noticed small cracks in your slab foundation, don’t ignore them. Cement cannot heal itself, and the damage will only get worse. Instead, call FCS Foundation Repair Dallas to schedule a free inspection. We’ll give you an honest assessment and recommend any necessary repairs. Get in touch with us today!