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Your foundation is one of the most expensive and critical parts of your home. A failing foundation will compromise the structural integrity of a home. It could even make the home unlivable and worth nothing.

It only makes sense, then, to hire foundation companies with a reputation for success and fairness. How do you know if you’ve found a foundation company that will give you a fair foundation repair cost and does the job thoroughly?

Here are the most common warning signs that should tell you the foundation repair company isn’t right for you.

They Just Opened Their Business

Everyone has to have a first time doing their job. But if the foundation company that will be repairing damaged foundations on your property has just opened the doors for business, tread with caution.

The years a contractor has done business is a good indicator oftheir success as a foundation repair technician. The longer the company has performed the task, the more knowledgeable and skilled they are. Thus, a contractor who has repaired foundations for 20 years has seen all there is to see for foundation problems.

They will know how to fix the cracks and do the huge jobs effectively. Plus, if they’ve been in business a long time, they’ve seen work stand the test of time.

A contractor with time under their belt also will have a good reputation. If a contractor does a bad job, they won’t be doing business for long. Thus, time in business matters.

For foundation repair, look for a foundation company that has been doing business for at least 10 years. This means they’ve gone through industry shifts and seen a variety of foundations.

They Can’t Produce Paperwork

A good foundation wall repair company should produce proper references, licensing paperwork, and proof of insurance. If a foundation repair tec makes a mistake on your home, they do some significant damage. You cannot afford to have an uninsured contractor working on your home.

Make sure the proof of insurance comes directly from the contractor’s insurance company. Also, make sure the policy is up to date.

They Offer No Warranty

A quality foundation repair technician will have a warranty on their work. A warranty indicates the contractor trusts their work. They believe the work will stand the test of time.

Plus, a foundation crew does not enjoy sending a crew back to a work site when the company isn’t being paid for the job. A warranty ensures the company will do the job right the first time.

Read through the warranty carefully. Ask the contractor if they’ve ever had a client call them on the warranty. If they’ve ever had to follow through with a warranty, you know a few things about the company.

If the company has never had to fix a warranty issue, they’re a little suspicious. They may not keep their word.

If the company has a long list of people they’ve had to help because of warranty problems, they may not do quality work.

You want a company that does quality work and that stands behind its foundation repair jobs. This means they’ll cash in the warranty when necessary but don’t have to do so regularly.

They Come With No Referrals

A good company will have good referrals. They should have testimonials and pictures of their past work. The best referral you can receive is one that you get from someone you know.

If your neighbor, best friend, co-worker, or trusted family member refers a basement repair or foundation repair company to you, then you should look into the company. Begin a search online and read the online customer reviews.

Clients are quick to call out companies that rip them off or do a poor job. They’ll let the internet know. They also are good to provide positive information when a foundation repair company does a fantastic job.

Take every online review with a grain of salt. Companies can have someone provide a positive review that just isn’t true. In the same way, competition can provide a negative review to make a company look bad.

This is why the personal referral is truly your best bet when looking for a foundation repair company.

Foundation Repair Cost Is Too Much or Too Little

A good foundation repair company will give you an itemized estimate of their work cost. Do some searching around your community to see what foundation repairs cost other people. Then do some cost comparison with the estimate you received and the repair costs others are sharing with you.

If the estimate is extremely low or extremely high, be cautious. An extremely low estimate may mean the company just wants the job and doesn’t do that great of work. They’re willing to cut costs to earn a buck repairing your foundation.

An extremely high estimate is also a red flag for a problem. You shouldn’t have to pay more than the average cost to have an average job done.

Ask for an estimate in writing. This will allow you to stay on track with your foundation repair budget.

They Use Primitive Tools and Methods

Foundation repair has come a long way in the past few decades. No longer should a foundation repair company use just a caulk gun and some silicone. They’re at your place so they can shore up the foundation and keep your home structurally sound.

Ask them about how they conduct home foundation inspections. What foundation repair tools are they using to diagnose and fix your failing foundation. The answer to these questions will besti indicate if you’ve found a great foundation repair company.

Choose Good Foundation Companies

Good foundation companies will have similar qualities as just about any good company. They’ll be properly licensed and insured. Their services will cost an appropriate amount, and they’ll have a generally positive reputation.

They’ll also sound like they know what they’re doing. They’ll have the proper tools in place to both diagnose and repair your foundation.

Do you need a quality foundation repair company? If so, contact us. We can repair your foundation and bring you peace of mind once again.

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