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Foundation problems aren’t a one-size-fits-all issue. Instead, they come in many shapes and sizes and are caused by a variety of different circumstances and events.

Homes built on clay soil that expands and contracts as water comes and goes may experience foundation damage over time. Extreme changes in weather, like droughts and floods, can also lead to cracks in your foundation.

Weather and climate aren’t always to blame, though. Tree roots may break the concrete of your foundation, or a leaking pipe may expose your home’s base to excess water and lead to damage.

Understanding what can cause foundation damage can help you to know when to look for signs of damage. But do you know what those signs will look like? Keep reading to learn how to tell if your home’s foundation has suffered damage, and when to call for FCS foundation repair.

Common Signs of Foundation Problems

Knowing the common signs of foundation problems is important. Spotting and identifying problems early will allow you to schedule repairs as soon as possible, and hopefully prevent additional damage—and higher costs.

Let’s take a look at some of the signs of common foundation problems.

Cracks on the Exterior

One of the first signs that homeowners may notice when experiencing foundation problems is cracks. These cracks may occur on the foundation itself, or on bricks or walls on the exterior of your home.

As the foundation settles, it may no longer provide a flat and even base for your home. As a result, some walls may sink in some spots, while others remain in place. This puts stress on the brick and other materials that make up the exterior walls of your home, which in turn leads to cracks.

Doors That No Longer Fit in the Doorframe

Another result of a broken or sinking foundation is doors that no longer fit properly in a doorframe.

Often, homeowners will notice that it’s difficult to close their exterior doors. They may scrape the floor or rub against the doorframe in places. Sometimes this is caused by a door that’s expanded or settling of your home that isn’t related to foundation damage and can be fixed by adjusting the door itself.

But it’s definitely worth getting your foundation checked by the FCS foundation repair experts, just in case.

Uneven Floors

Your walls and doors aren’t the only parts of your home that may show signs of foundation problems; uneven floors are another sign. If you notice that your once flat and even floors now seem slanted, buckled, or otherwise uneven, it could point to foundation problems.

Cracking Tiles

A cracked tile or two in your kitchen, bathroom, or entryway isn’t uncommon. But a number of cracked tiles in one small area or spread throughout a room could be a sign of a shifting floor as a result of foundation damage.

When to Call FCS Foundation Repair

Now that you know how to spot signs you need foundation repairs, it’s time to learn when to hire a foundation repair company.

The FCS foundation repair experts offer a variety of solutions to help you fix your foundation problems. If you’ve noticed the signs of foundation problems in your home, contact us today for a free consultation.

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