Concrete Foundation Repair in Dallas

Your home’s foundation is the most important part of its structure. Serious damage can quickly make your home unlivable and lead to a major drop in your property value. When you need concrete foundation repair in Dallas, FCS Foundation Repair Dallas is the experienced team to handle it.

Why Is Foundation Damage So Serious?

Your home needs a strong foundation to stay standing. Every part of your home’s structure depends on a solid, level foundation. When damage starts to take hold, your entire home is at risk.

First, you should know that foundation damage won’t go away on its own. In fact, it’s only going to become worse as time goes on. This means that seeking out concrete foundation repair in Dallas sooner rather than later is your best bet.

Even minor damage can affect your home in a big way. Cracks and leaks let water into your home, leading to permanent water damage. You can find yourself dealing with damaged floors and walls along with a serious mold problem.

More substantial foundation damage causes even more serious problems. Any settling or shifting in your foundation can put pressure on your home’s frame, leading to bowed walls and dips in floors.

These kinds of damage can seriously affect the long-term value of your home. Foundation damage is one of the first things home appraisers look for.

To avoid this damage, you can rely on the experts at FCS Foundation Repair Dallas for all of your home foundation repair needs.

Evaluation Process

Provided there is adequate crawl space, the evaluator will look at the structure for:

  • Wood Decay due to Water Rot or Termites.
  • Warped Beams.
  • Shifted Beams, Which are No Longer Supported by Piers.
  • Inadequate Prior Leveling with Soft, Wooden Shims.
  • Uneven or Bouncy Floors.
  • Presence of Water in the crawl space.


What Kinds of Damage Can Affect a Foundation?

Your foundation can experience a variety of different issues. They vary in seriousness and in the specific methods needed to resolve them, but they all call for professional foundation repair.

Cracks are among the most common types of foundation damage. Pressure from water and soil can lead to cracks in your foundation. While hairline cracks may be purely cosmetic, larger cracks present a serious problem.

Those cracks can lead to leaks in your foundation, allowing water to enter your home. Over time, cracks can continue to grow to the point that they pose a structural problem.

You could also find yourself dealing with foundation settlement or sinking. Your foundation sits on soil that can settle over time or become washed out due to drainage issues. When this happens, your entire foundation can move.

When your foundation moves, it can do so unevenly and affect your home’s structure. Your home can also become unlevel. While settling may stop, your home isn’t going to get back into proper position without repairs.

If you have a basement, bowing and buckling can affect your foundation walls. Pressure against the walls, often due to flooding or drainage issues, can affect the integrity of the foundation. This also affects the rest of your home’s structure.

No matter what type of damage your foundation has, the team at FCS Foundation Repair Dallas can determine the underlying cause and provide the repairs you need.


What Happens if I Don’t Repair My Home’s Foundation?

The long-term damage to your home can be severe if you don’t seek out concrete slab foundation repair as soon as possible. As with most other home repairs, acting fast is the best way to reduce your overall repair costs.

Allowing a settling or sinking foundation to progress further runs the risk of significant structural damage. Uneven movement and twisting put more pressure on your home’s structure, affecting walls and floors.

You can also find yourself dealing with burst water and drainage pipes as the foundation moves around them. This can lead to serious water damage and a potential health hazard due to sewer line issues.

Gas lines affected by foundation damage are an even more severe risk. The movement of your foundation could cause damage to gas lines, allowing for a gas leak that presents a serious and immediate fire hazard.

Putting off important concrete foundation repairs could lead to significant damage to your home. Instead, trust the experts at FCS Foundation Repair Dallas to handle it for you.

How Can FCS Foundation Repair Dallas Help?

FCS Foundation Repair Dallas provides a wide range of expert foundation repair services to address any damage you’re facing. Our experienced team delivers quality work that lets you rest easy knowing that you can count on your home’s foundation.

We use a variety of different piering techniques to deal with settlement and shifting foundations. The installation of concrete or steel piers underneath your foundation moves it back into position and provides lasting support.

Repairs are backed by our transferable warranty program, so you can know that your home is protected. We stand behind every job we do and strive to ensure that our valued customers receive the highest standard of results.

Our team also provides drainage repair services. Drainage is often closely related to foundation issues, leaks, and flooding. You may need a new drainage installation to relieve pressure on your foundation and prevent damage.

FCS Foundation Repair Dallas is here to help you restore the integrity of your home in the face of any type of foundation damage.

Concrete Foundation Repair in Dallas

If you’ve noticed cracks, leaks, bowed walls, unlevel floors, or any other signs of foundation damage, you should call FCS Foundation Repair Dallas right away. With 25 years of experience providing reliable concrete foundation repair in Dallas, our team can deliver the results you need. Reach out today for your free consultation.

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