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25% of homes experience foundation issues. If this statistic applies to your property, then you must act quickly.

Foundation issues can significantly impact your home’s resale value. It could also affect the livability and look of your home.

Homeowners looking for a Foundation Repair Company providing foundation care shouldn’t rush into the process. Instead, they should understand how to successfully specify their search for excellent foundation services, such as FCS foundation repair.

Benefits of Foundation Repair

Of course, the primary foundation repair benefit is its ability to maintain the structural integrity of your home. Other residual benefits of this structural integrity include:

  • Increased resale value
  • Legal compliance
  • Flood prevention
  • Decreased likelihood of property damage
  • Even landscaping
  • Excess soil/debris removal

Not only that, but it’s best to reap these residential foundation benefits sooner rather than later. As your foundation’s damage worsens, subsequent damage will happen more quickly and severely.

Worsened property structural integrity isn’t only unideal for the aesthetics of your home. If left unaddressed, it could seriously injure anyone inside or directly outside the building. It’ll also get exponentially more expensive to repair your foundation the longer you wait.

Signs of Foundation Problems

Not sure you have a foundation problem? Well, foundation companies can send an expert out to double-check whether you have a problem. It’s wise to call one if you notice the following:

  • Doors and windows that stick and don’t close properly
  • Bulging/cracking floors
  • Displaced moldings
  • Separation around windows, garage doors, and walls
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Cracks in the sheetrock
  • Uneven floors

1. Licensure

Of course, the company whose services you hire must be legitimate. This way, you’ll know each technician they bring out has the knowledge and experience necessary to perform good work.

An easy way to check if a business has its licensing is to ask outright. Any licensed company will be happy to demonstrate its certifications. You could also check if they’re listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), though it’s important to note that not every business is listed on the site.

Otherwise, you could also contact the company’s Secretary of State. Doing so will provide a surefire confirmation of its legitimacy.

2. Experience

A company being in business for a while doesn’t mean it’s had a ton of experience with its current services. So while a company may advertise foundation repair as part of its services, it isn’t easy to ascertain how long those services have been in effect.

Besides doing extraneous detective work, it’s best to search for a company specializing in foundation repair. By doing so, they indicate that they pay special care in this crucial work, which bodes well for the quality of service. It could also suggest they’ve had extensive experience in this work.

3. Insurance and Warranties

Never opt for a company that isn’t insured and doesn’t offer warranties. If a worker gets injured or an uninsured company damages your property, you could be liable for these injuries and damages. Without warranties, they could provide a shoddy, quick job that won’t hold up in the long term.

To ensure that a prospective company possesses both, ask for proof. They should provide evidence of personal liability, property damage coverage, and worker’s compensation. Also, confirm that their coverage is current.

4. Testimonials and Reviews

Knowing that a company is legitimate is great, but it’s also wise to know they’ve got a good reputation. That way, you’ll know they’ll provide good service. If you’re bound by a contract to receive bad service, fixing it will be about doubly as expensive.

Nearly every company that’s been around for a while will have Google Reviews written about them. Ensuring they’ve got a great overall star rating is a start, but you’ve also got to read the reviews. If they’re listed on the BBB, you could also see if previous clients have reported unethical business practices despite the company being a legitimately licensed business.

Of course, you probably can’t scour every review. But you should at least skim them and understand the company’s service strengths. It will instill confidence in you and let you know whether this is the right company.

5. Proper Estimate Process

It’s one thing to get a quick, minute-processed estimate. But it should be a longer process to get a final estimate.

To do so, the company in question should send out a technician to assess your property and its foundation. It should also be free so that the impending service cost isn’t a total surprise.

However, remember that they might have to do additional work they couldn’t predict before they start working on your property. So set aside funds in your budget to spend a little more than what your final estimate indicates.

6. Pre-Service Contract

Get everything in writing. This applies to nearly every kind of service, not just those relating to foundation repair. Terms you should clarify in your contract are:

  • Payment terms
  • Payment schedule
  • Services they will perform

There might be a few more terms to clarify, but these make up the gist of them. Keep in mind that you should never agree to pay a contractor upfront. If they ask you to do so, move on to another company with less shady business practices.

Contact FCS Foundation Repair Today!

If you detect foundation problems, you must act as soon as possible. But return to this guide to get the best service possible.

At Foundation and Concrete Services, we take foundation repair seriously. After all, it’s the basis for a safe, stunning home. So don’t wait — get a free consultation for excellent FCS foundation repair!

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