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There are many problems that can pop up in a home that you can live with for a long time before making the repairs. Foundation issues aren’t one of those. As soon as you notice them, you need to call in the professionals to get them inspected.

The last thing you want is to leave what you saw unattended and end up having a major, expensive repair or for your house to become unsafe to live in. It’s best to quickly find a professional foundation repair service you can rely on to get the job done. Then you can move on feeling confident that your home is solid and ready to face many more years.

Follow this guide to help you find the best foundation repair service to get your home back in order.

1. Legitimate Business

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scam businesses out there that are looking to take your money without doing the actual work (or just terrible work). To avoid being taken advantage of, the first thing you should always do is make sure the company you’re looking into is a legitimate business.

You can do this by asking for their license and insurance information. When they can give that to you, you know they’ve taken the steps and met the requirements to be verified.

It seems like an unnecessary step but it’s much better to be safe than sorry and wishing you had taken a few extra minutes to check.

2. Full Knowledge and Expertise

There are a lot of home projects that you can tackle on your own either by watching tutorials online or trying different solutions until something works. Repairing home foundations should never be attempted on your own.

Making sure your home has a solid foundation with no structural issues is absolutely crucial to your family’s safety and should always be left to the professionals.

This is why you want to make sure the team you hire has adequate foundation repair experience and the expertise that comes with it. They should be able to inspect your home and tell you what’s the problem with the foundation and how to fix it. This type of knowledge is invaluable in these situations.

3. Clear Communication

In general, foundation repair isn’t a quick fix that can be done in an afternoon (though that may be the case occasionally). It can take a lot of planning and preparation to get the job done, sometimes that includes going back and forth with the team several times.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to come up with a plan and having poor communication.

It slows down the whole process and can end up causing problems when not all the information is presented effectively. You want to watch for communication issues as you do your initial research and conversations with the company to avoid those things.

4. Work Fits Within Budget

Home renovation projects can end up being a major investment, especially when they involve the structure of the home. But you still want to make sure that you can afford the work before starting the project.

A key step in budgeting for a renovation is getting bids for the overall cost so you know how much you’ll need to save. And also for comparing repair costs among companies.

It’s important to understand what extra fees and charges could possibly be added to your account as well. The more information about the cost you can gather, the better prepared you can be.

5. Guarantees on Work Done

Even when you’re super prepared, getting this type of work done on your home can still be a sacrifice financially. This is why working with a foundation repair company that guarantees their work is key.

A guarantee on the work means that they know the work they’ve done will last for a given period of time. And if it doesn’t, they’ll come and fix it at no extra charge to you. It’s a great way to ensure you’re spending your money wisely and getting the results you need.

6. Variety of Possible Services

Not all foundation issues are the same. In fact, there is a huge range of problems that can happen ranging in severity and cause.

This is why it’s so important to work with a company that offers a wide variety of foundation repair methods. The team can determine which will fit best with your home and the specific issue after they’ve done the initial inspection. They may even decide a combination of methods is the best plan of attack for the best results.

You can feel confident that the repairs are custom-designed to work for your home. There won’t be paying for cookie-cutter service that isn’t going to last or help you out in the long run.

7. Reviews and References

All of the time you spend researching a company is an effort to try to guarantee the best experience possible. The more you know about the company, the better your chances of being satisfied in the end are.

During this process, nothing can compare to reading online customer reviews. These give you the best, most honest look into what working with a particular company is like. Customers can give real feedback on what went well and what didn’t, so you can have a good idea of what your experience is going to be like.

Hiring the Right Foundation Repair Service

Repairing foundational damage isn’t something most homeowners feel they can handle on their own. That’s why knowing how to find the best foundation repair service is so important.

This way you can quickly narrow down your search to only the best possible options that can help you in your area. These tips will help you find a reliable company to work with so you won’t have to worry about that as well as the problems with your foundation. And soon enough, you’ll be moving forward with a safe, professionally repaired foundation.

If you’re interested in working with our amazing team at FCS foundation repair, contact us today!

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