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Whether you’re considering buying a property with foundation damage or just want to check the condition of your home’s foundation, FCS foundation repair inspections offer peace of mind. Why? Because an inspector doesn’t just give you the bad news; they also provide insight into the extent of a foundation issue and offer a pathway toward fixing it.

The foundation of your home supports the entire structure. In the US, it’s built in three main ways: basement, slab, and crawl space.

Foundation inspections look for many problems, from slab issues (needing slab renovation) and fissures to groundwater infiltration. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to remedy these issues, and despite common belief, they’re not all going to break your budget—especially if you find them early. Best of all, they’re usually free!

Read on to learn more about what a foundation evaluation would look like for your home.

What Are the Components of a Foundation Repair Quotation?

A foundation inspection reviews your property to look for signs of foundation damage. Surprisingly, though the foundation is underground, these signs can be seen inside and outside your building.

Warning signs an inspector looks for include:

  • Uneven floors
  • Cracked bricks and walls
  • Gaps in your window frames
  • Bowing walls
  • Wall rotation
  • Sinking concrete
  • Cracks in your patio or other landscaping structures near the house
  • Pools of standing water
  • Damaged wallpaper or chipping paint
  • Cracks in the stairwell
  • Walls and ceilings separate from one another
  • Mold or mildew build-up
  • Holes in your yard around the walls

All of these signs indicate not only minor damage that needs to be remedied, but they are also signs of problems deep under your home. Unfortunately, a band-aid solution (such as cosmetic repair) will not stop the problem; professional foundation repair is likely needed.

Who Will Turn up at Your Home?

While anyone can walk around a home and spot issues like wall cracks, only a trained professional will know what these problems mean regarding foundation maintenance.

An inspector working for foundation companies should be a qualified engineer trained in foundation construction and repair mechanics. They must also be licensed in your state, so ask what license an inspector holds when booking an inspection. The license indicates they understand local building codes, standards, guidelines, and best practices.

When they arrive at your home, an inspector will:

  • Ask you to show them any areas of damage you’ve noticed already
  • Visually inspect the entire house—inside and out
  • Perform a floor level inspection (an uneven floor is of the most prominent signs of foundation damage)
  • Create a report detailing the issues they found and the suggested remediations
  • Provide an estimate of the foundation repair cost

You can expect an inspection to take a few hours at most, depending on the extent of the damage, the type of foundation, and the size of your house.

Reasons Why an Inspection Is Important

You might be thinking, “Why do I even need foundation repairs?” My home seems sturdy enough. It’s just a few cracks!

Houses settle naturally over time, so scheduling regular foundation inspections is a part of responsible homeownership.

In fact, there are numerous reasons why a foundation inspection is a good (and often money-saving) idea. You may have:

  • You’re adding a new floor
  • You’re in the process of buying a home and want to make sure its condition is sound
  • You’re selling your home and want to avoid legal issues
  • Noticed a problem that’s getting worse, such as a crack growing larger or doors getting stuck
  • You want to maintain the structural integrity of your home to avoid large repair bills in the future

Another reason you may want to book an inspection is because you experienced an emergency. House fires, floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes can all cause damage to a foundation. Once your family, pets, and belongings are safe, get a foundation inspection as part of the recovery process.

Learn About the Different Types of Foundation Repair

Whether you have a pier and beam foundation or a fully renovated basement, foundation care is essential to owning a home. Without paying attention to your foundation, you could escalate problems that become more difficult to fix as time goes on.

At FCS, we specialize in two types of foundation repair:

  • Single press concrete pier
  • Concrete pier with rebar reinforcement

These methods of repair are proven, industry-standard repair options for Texan homes.

Single press concrete pier repair is fast (between one and four days), reliable, and cost-effective. As such, it’s one of the most popular types of repair available today. Expect the repair company to remove plants and excavate your yard to make the repairs.

Your foundation repair service provider may sometimes advise concrete piers with added rebar (long steel rods). This prevents lateral shifting in areas where the ground is less stable.

Finding the Right Professional for the Job

Unless you’re experiencing an emergency, take your time to research residential foundation experts in your area.

Do a Google search and see which companies appear on the first page. Then, browse their websites, looking for customer testimonials and their services. Next, check reviews of the businesses you like on Google maps and the Better Business Bureau.

You can also ask friends and family for recommendations. Someone in your community likely has had a foundation inspection in the past year.

Once you narrow your selection to a few companies, contact them by phone or email to ask more about their processes. Ask about their qualifications and licenses. Ask for a sample report so you can see what level of detail they provide to their clients.

With FCS, Foundation Repair Inspections Are a Breeze!

If you suspect your house (or one you’re about to buy) has foundation issues, consider getting an FCS foundation repair evaluation. A qualified, knowledgeable inspector will visit your home, assess the level of damage, and offer practical solutions to fix it.

Don’t wait until it’s too late and the integrity of your home is compromised beyond repair or other catastrophic circumstances arise.

FCS has a team of experienced foundation inspectors and estimators on hand to give Texan homeowners quick, easy, tailored solutions to their foundation issues. With over 25 years in the business, you can trust that we know what we’re doing!

Schedule a free foundation evaluation today.

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