Foundation Repair in Plano TX

As foundation repair experts serving Plano and surrounding areas, we have seen the damage that can result from ignoring the signs of foundation issues. Foundations provide critical structural support for homes, so unaddressed problems can lead to much larger repairs down the road.

Through our extensive experience, we have identified five signs that homeowners should look for to determine if they need foundation repair in Plano, TX, sooner rather than later. If you notice any of these signs, it is recommended to contact a reliable foundation repair company. They can assess the damage and provide appropriate solutions. Early detection of foundation problems is key to minimizing costs and ensuring the safety of your home.

Cracks in the Foundation

As foundation repair experts serving homeowners in Plano Texas, we frequently see signs that a home’s foundation needs professional help. Some indications that it’s time to call for an inspection and repair include:

Cracks in walls, ceilings, and floors. Cracks that are wider than 1/4 inch, run diagonally, or form an “X” shape often mean foundation damage that requires repair. We use carbon fiber straps, epoxy injections, and piering to stabilize and seal foundation cracks.

Sticking or jammed doors and windows. Doors and windows that suddenly won’t open or close properly could indicate foundation issues causing the house to shift or settle unevenly. We can level and stabilize the foundation to restore proper function and framing.

Sloping or uneven floors. Noticeable tilting, sagging, or sloping in wood or concrete floors frequently happens due to foundation problems. We use specialized jacking equipment and piers to level and support the foundation, which helps return floors to level.

Plumbing leaks. Cracks in foundations can damage plumbing and cause leaks. We work with plumbers to repair any damaged plumbing and stabilize the foundation to prevent further issues.

Separation from home additions. Additions like garages, porches or patios that are visibly separating from the main house often require foundation repair and re-leveling to reconnect and support the entire structure.

If you notice these or other signs of foundation damage in your Plano home, don’t delay in contacting a reputable foundation repair company. Stabilizing and repairing issues early can help avoid further structural damage, prevent costly repairs, and give you peace of mind about the safety of your home. We provide free foundation inspections and estimates for homeowners in Plano and surrounding areas.

Uneven or Buckling Floors

As foundation repair experts serving homeowners in Plano, Texas, we frequently encounter uneven or buckling floors as a sign that foundation damage has occurred and structural repair is needed.

  • Uneven floors: If parts of your floor seem uneven, higher or lower than the rest, this indicates that your foundation has settled or shifted unevenly under those areas. Settling foundations can cause floors to slope or become uneven over time. This problem will worsen if not addressed, leading to tripping hazards and structural instability.
  • Buckling wood floors: Wooden floors that are buckling, sagging or warping are a clue that the foundation under them has become unstable. As foundations settle and shift, they can cause wood floors to bend, warp and buckle. Buckled floors are unsafe and the damage can be expensive to repair if the foundation issues are not corrected.
  • Cracks in tile or linoleum: Cracks appearing in tile, stone or linoleum flooring, especially near walls or doorways, are often a sign of foundation movement or settlement underneath. As foundations shift and settle unevenly, they cause the flooring materials above them to crack under stress. The cracks will continue to widen over time without structural foundation repair.

If you have noticed uneven, buckling or cracking floors in your Plano home, it is critical to have the foundation inspected by a professional as soon as possible. At FCS Foundation and Concrete Services, we have the training, experience, and equipment to properly assess foundation damage and perform necessary repairs to stabilize your home’s structure. Contact us today for an evaluation – your safety, security and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Doors or Windows That Won’t Open or Close Properly

As foundation repair experts in Plano, we frequently encounter issues with doors and windows in homes with foundation problems. Doors or windows that won’t open or close properly are often a sign that the foundation of your home has shifted or settled unevenly, causing the structure to become unlevel.

Doors That Won’t Close Completely

If doors in your home are difficult to close or won’t latch, it usually indicates that the door frame has become misaligned or warped due to movement in the foundation. As foundations settle over time, the frame can twist, sag, or bow, preventing the door from closing flush. This compromises both the appearance and functionality of the door. Professional foundation repair is needed to stabilize the foundation, level the structure, and re-align or replace the door frame.

Windows That Won’t Open

Windows that suddenly become stuck or difficult to open are frequently a result of foundation issues putting pressure on the window frame. As foundations shift, the wall the window is installed in may start to lean or bow inwards, squeezing the window frame out of square and preventing the window from operating properly. In severe cases, the glass in the window may even crack under the pressure. Foundation repair specialists will stabilize the foundation, level the structure, and re-install windows to restore their functionality.

Safety Concerns

Malfunctioning doors and windows are not only inconvenient but can also pose safety risks. Doors and windows that do not lock or seal properly provide easy access points for intruders and also compromise the insulation and energy efficiency of your home. Misaligned doors and windows will continue to deteriorate over time without foundation repairs, and in some cases may eventually become completely inoperable if not addressed. It is best to contact a professional as soon as issues with doors or windows arise to prevent costly damage and ensure the safety of your home.

Water Damage or Leaks in the Basement

As foundation repair experts serving homeowners in Plano, Texas, we frequently see signs that a home’s foundation may be in need of repair. One of the most common indicators is water damage or leaks in the basement or crawlspace.

Pooling Water

If you notice areas where water collects or “pools” in your basement, this can indicate foundation damage that is allowing water to seep in. The water may enter through cracks in the foundation walls or floor slab. This pooling, if left unaddressed, can lead to further structural damage as water expands when it freezes.

Cracks in Walls or Floor

Look for any cracks in the basement walls or floor, especially those that are wider than 1/4 inch. These cracks provide an easy entry point for water and will continue to grow wider over time if not repaired. Water intrusion through cracks can also lead to the development of mold or mildew if left unchecked.

Musty Smells

If you detect musty smells in the basement that seem to be coming from the floor or walls, this may indicate water damage or leaks that have caused wood or drywall to rot or mold to develop. The odors themselves may pose health hazards, so it’s best to have the source investigated as soon as possible.

Spalling or Flaking

Look for any areas where the concrete walls or floor slab are spalling, flaking, or crumbling. This kind of deterioration is often caused by prolonged exposure to moisture. As the water penetrates the concrete, it causes the steel reinforcing rods within to rust and expand, cracking and weakening the concrete.

If you notice any of these signs in your Plano home’s basement or crawlspace, it’s best to contact a foundation repair professional as soon as possible to inspect, diagnose the issue, and recommend an effective solution to remedy the damage before it worsens. Preventing further water intrusion and structural damage to your home’s foundation is critical to protecting your property value and ensuring safety.

Foundation Settlement

At FCS Foundation and Concrete Services, we have the knowledge and experience to identify and repair foundation settlement issues. Foundation settlement occurs when unstable soil underneath a foundation settles unevenly, causing the foundation to shift. This shifting can lead to cracks in walls and floors, doors and windows that stick or won’t close properly, and uneven or sloping floors.

Bowing or Tilting Walls

If you notice bowed or tilting basement walls, it indicates your foundation has suffered damage and is in need of professional repair. We use steel piering systems to stabilize and straighten bowing or tilting walls. Steel piers are driven deep into stable soil beneath the foundation to provide support.

Water Damage

Excessive moisture surrounding a foundation can weaken the soil and cause long-term damage. We offer drainage solutions, including sump pumps, downspout extensions, and subsurface drains to divert water away from foundations. We can also waterproof foundations to prevent future water damage using sealants and membranes.

Foundation Replacement

In severe cases of foundation damage, partial or full foundation replacement may be required. We provide foundation replacement and rebuilding services to restore structural integrity. Foundation replacement is a complex job that requires exacting standards to support the weight of a structure properly. Our team has the expertise to complete foundation replacement efficiently while minimizing disruption.

Providing Solutions

At FCS Foundation and Concrete Services, we provide tailored solutions to address foundation damage of any level of severity. Our goal is to stabilize foundations and prevent further structural issues to provide homeowners in Plano, TX peace of mind and safe, secure homes. Contact us today for a free foundation inspection and estimate. We can diagnose issues, recommend repairs, and provide warrantied solutions for your foundation needs.


As we have discussed, foundation issues are serious problems that require professional assessment and repair. Homeowners should inspect their properties regularly for signs of foundation damage or structural issues. If cracks suddenly appear, doors or windows stick or won’t close, or sloping or buckling is observed in floors, walls, or driveways, it is best to contact a reputable foundation repair company in Plano for an evaluation.

Foundation problems will not resolve themselves over time and will continue to worsen if left unaddressed. For the safety, security, and value of your home, call the experts as soon as possible. They have the proper training, experience, and equipment to assess the issue, determine the cause of damage and implement an effective solution to stabilize and repair your foundation.

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